MG Cars

MG Cars is a British based car manufacturing company located in India. MG Cars Offers multiple car models to drive out from the showroom. They offer 5 car models in India, including 5 cars in the SUV category. MG has also lined up five cars for the upcoming launches. The new car models include the MG3, Marvel X, G10, ZS EV 2022, Baojun 510, RC-6.

MG cars also have another name as Morris Garages, is a British automotive brand founded in 1920. Actually, MG cars are brought into India by China based SAIC  Corporation in 2008. MG Motor started its car manufacturing company in India for the first time in Halol, Gujarat. Their Manufacture utility available in Gujarat has the facility to roll out about 80,000-1 lakh units a year.

The first ever car from MG cars to roll out on Indian road is the Hector car. Hector is a mid-size SUV, and it is based on SAIC Motor’s Baojun 530. Hector model is available for sales in India with a starting price tag of about Rs 12.18 lakhs.

You can make the MG cars yours at the starting price of 9.78 Lakh for the Astor while the most expensive MG car in India is the Gloster with a price of 37.68 Lakh. Also, the most recent launch of MG cars in India includes the Astor with a price tag of 9.78 - 17.38 Lakh. You can drive out your favorite car from MG cars within the price tag of 50 lakhs the list of cars includes MG Astor, MG Hector, MG Hector Plus, MG ZS EV, and MG Gloster.

MG Motors is now planning to launch their second product across India, the product is eZS. This new variant eZS of MG Cars is an all-electric vehicle.

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Which is the most inexpensive car model available in MG Motors in India?

The expensive car available in MG Motor is the Astar car model which starts at the price tag of Rs 11.34 Lakh.

Which is the most expensive car lined up in MG Motors in India?

The topmost expensive car available in MG Motors is the Gloster starts at Rs 35.92 Lakh.

What are the top-selling car models available in MG Motors in India?

The most top-selling cars available in MG Motors are Astor, Hector, and Hector Plus.

What are the car models that are available for upcoming launches in MG Motors?

MG3, Marvel X, G10, ZS EV 2022, Baojun 510, RC-6 Are the car models that are available for the upcoming launches in MG Motors.

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