Datsun Cars

Datsun cars are one of the very known car manufacturing companies available in India. Datsun car Manufacturing company was originally owned by Nissan and it is a Japanese car manufacturing company. Datsun branched in India in 2014. Datsun offers 3 multiple car models in India. You can drive out your suitable car model from Datsun in the list of,

Hatchback category: 2 cars
MUV category: 1 car

As of now, there are no new car models lined up in Datsun for the upcoming launches. Datsun offers the most inexpensive car model available in India at the price tag of Rs 3.83 Lakh for the model in its lineup, the Redi-GO. On the other side, they are offering the most expensive car at the price tag of Rs. 6.99 Lakh for its top variant, the GO Plus. 

Datsun launched their first ever car model in India in 2014, and their first car model to run on Indian roads is the Go and Go Plus. By following the launch of the Go and Go Plus model in India, the company has also introduced its Redi-Go car model in 2016. You can drive out their first model, the Go and Go Plus in manual and CVT gearbox options, and their second launch, the Redi-Go model in manual and AMT gearbox options.

Currently, the Datsun car models that are available for Indian road are the Go, Go Plus, and the Redi-Go. Datsun cars hold the first position in offering the dual-airbags, ABS, and rear parking sensors as standard in the entry-level segment with the Datsun GO. This Datsun Go car model has priced between Rs 3.29 lakh and Rs 4.89 lakh. The car manufacturing company has now had a network of 335 access points across India. In these networks, about 181 also function as service centers to provide support to new and existing customers. To this date, Datsun has not revealed anything about having its hands involved in the electrification of its products.

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Datsun FAQs

Which is the cheapest car model available in Datsun cars in India?

Datsun car price starts at Rs 3.98 Lakh for the cheapest model which is Redi-GO.

Which is the most expensive car available in Datsun cars in India?

Datsun offers the most expensive model GO+ in its lineup. This car starts at the price of Rs 4.26 Lakh.

Which is the latest car launched by Datsun?

The most recent car launched by Datsun is the Redi-GO.

Which is the most popular car model available in Datsun India?

The most popular car model available in Datsun cars is the Redi-go

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